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Sad to say that the vinyl edition of The Trypes Music For Neighbors is now sold out, but glad to share the news that there’s another way to hear The Trypes on vinyl. You may recall that the vinyl came with an additional download of 7 more otherwise unreleased songs, primarily from rehearsal recordings that took place at the legendary Hoboken club Maxwell’s in the mid 80s. Well The Trypes were invited to contribute a song to the latest issue of Yeti magazine, their second issue featuring an attached 7″ EP. Rather than be redundant with the Acute vinyl release, the band chose one of the digital bonus songs, Our Obsessions.

If that wasn’t enough, the other three recordings on this record are from The Great Unwashed, Moon Duo and Karen Dalton (singing Fred Neil). The whole magazine is an embarrassment of riches, and it’s tough to actually call it a magazine as it’s a nearly 200 pg perfect bound full color book. A far cry from the old black and white zine days. Filled to the brim with art, comics, photography, essays, interviews etc, including musical highlights like a collection of vintage New Zealand concert posters and an oral history of Codeine. Pick up your copy here, cheap at any cost!

For more information on the Acute release, free downloads and information on purchasing the digital edition, see here.

In other news, sorry for the radio silence. Quietly and slowly working on some new (old) releases. If you really miss hearing from me, you can check out my tumblr, Danecdotes, with plenty of Acute-friendly material. I’ll be back soon with some more Viva playlists and to tell you about how fantastic Vic Varney from the Method Actors recent material is. Until then, that copy of Yeti should help you bide your time.




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Sorry there hasn’t been an update in a while. In Acute land, glad to see The Trypes’ Music For Neighbors show up in quite a few best of/year end lists. There are a few still secret (and maybe not so secret) Acute releases forthcoming, but as those efforts move forward, I’ve been distracted by some other projects. For instance, I’ve decided to take on more freelance design work, particularly in the music/media packaging world. If you’ve ever seen an Acute CD or LP, you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t or you don’t, I’ve got a partial portfolio page here. Let me know if you need any help in the design and print-production worlds.

Speaking of printing, I’ve also been working on setting up my letterperss print-shop, Sheffield Product (real website soon.) If you’ve seen the aforementioned Trypes LP, you’ve seen the results of that process. You may have also seen it in such places as The Electric Information Age Album from Inventory Books/Project Projects (printed with Haven Press), the limited letterpress edition of Franklin Bruno/The Human Hearts last release Another, Tropical Jeremy’s Electronics in Meta Africa mix CD on Lectric Sands and some of your friends business cards and wedding invitations. Also printing stuff like the above Joy Division themed poster, which I’m selling on Etsy.

I’ve also been working on my own music, which I’ve been posting to Soundcloud under the name New York Endless. As the name may suggest, my tracks have more to do with melodic krauty techno sounds with heavy new wave and italo by way of detroit filtering than what would fit on a label such as Acute, though there’s a few mixes on there that are definitely Acute friendly. Please check them out. Hopefully more soon.


But while there genuinely is some Acute stuff going on slowly, I feel OK about the general landscape of reissue land. I had intended to write another big post about all the great reissues that were coming out, but that was weeks and months ago, so I’ll just briefly mention such awesome stuff as Superior Viaduct‘s Factrix and Noh Mercy releases which are soon to be joined by such long-needed faves as 100 Flowers and Monitor.


Also wanted to talk about Fame, Jon Savage’s Secret History of Post-Punk, out from our good friends Caroline True Records and featuring Acute hook-ups The Method Actors and The Prefects along with such favorites as Pere Ubu, Mars, Kleenex, Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire, Thomas Leer and Robert Rental, Rema Rema, etc etc.


Then there is the hottest label of the year, Blackest Ever Black, who killed it with the 1-2 reissue punch of releasing the first vinyl edition of the Flaming Tunes cassette, which I wrote about at length when it was first on CD, and the beautiful Black Rain release, featuring atmospheric cyberpunk soundtrack work from Ike Yard’s very own Stuart Argabright. Speaking of Ike Yard, their Factory LP got the vinyl reissue treatment from France’s Desire records, which got so much attention you’d hardly even remember it was previously reissued on an awesome CD compilation featuring tons of other great tracks.

Unseen World’s reissue of Laurie Spiegel’s The Expanding Worlds is in my top 5 releases of the year.

Durutti Column’s Short Stories for Pauline, Sensations Fix on RVNG, Peter Zummo’s Zummo With an X, Michael Nyman’s first record, The Dead C’s Harsh 70s Reality, F. J. McMahon, Can’s The Lost Tapes (which I didn’t really get into. Yet)

Medical Records, Dark Entries, Vinyl on Demand, the reissue world is not a lonely one. That David Kilgour record I should probably check out. And speaking of…Capture Tracks about to repress tons of Flying Nun stuff. I shockingly have NO early Chills vinyl, and am praying for The Gordons. Sorry I couldn’t do all these releases justice, but I thought it worth mentioning. I liked some new records this year too. Regal Degal, Django Django, Pye Corner Audio, Wet Hair and Grimes were a few new records that got listened to this year.

So here’s to 2013. Happy New Years. Get a flu shot and see you around.

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Another new Viva show so soon! Up now, just click on aforementioned link and select “Flaming Desire” from the pulldown. In quickie non-viva news, for those in the NY area, I am djing tomorrow (friday the 7th) in the Bedford back-room at the Touchy-Feely party. Facebook details here.

Flaming Desire
1. It’s Immaterial – The Worm Turns
2. Kissing the Pink – Mr. Blunt
3. XTC – Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her
4. Frida – I Know There’s Something Going On
5. Fuego – Misa Criolla
6. Kevin Harrison – Fly
7. Prince Rama – Those Who Live For Love Will Live Forever
8. Bill Nelson – Flaming Desire
9. The Bilders – Alligator Song
10. Robyn Hitchcock – Listening to the Higsons
11. The Go-Betweens – A Bad Debt Follows You
12. Able Tasmans – The Theory of Continual Disappointment
13. The Chills – Pink Frost
14. The House of Love – Happy
15. The Durutti Column – Jaqueline
16. Robert Wyatt – At Last I Am Free


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I’ve got a new Viva show. Airing tuesday at 1pm. If you miss it, or I’m wrong about when it’s airing, it will be in the archives.

New Narratives
1. Pye Corner Audio – We Have Visitors
2. Grimes – Caladan
3. Stratus – Beneath the Wheel
4. Luke Abbott – Hand Drawn Maps
5. Psychemagik – Persian Rub
6. F.C. Judd – Automation
7. Roman Flugel – Krautus
8. Bill Nelson – Hope for the Heartbeat
9. Listening Center – New Narratives
10. Rins Thomas – Attiatte
11. Francis Bebey – Afrique Secours
12. Laurie Spiegel – A Folk Study
13. Tod Dockstader – Bottle Dervish
14. Beak> – Liar
15. Chevalier Avant Garde – Blue Plate
16. The Knife – This Is Now
17. Todd Terje – Swing Star, Pt. 1


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I’ve got two new Viva shows…one ran last week or something, the other maybe today, maybe next week, I don’t know. Just keep checking the archives and tuning in every tuesday. I’ll have a follow-up post soon with some reissue recaps and news about next weeks Ike Yard/Xeno and Oaklander/Led-Er-Est show that I’m DJing. In the meantime, here’s the latest playlists, which you can, or maybe can’t, listen to. In any case, you can still appreciate the selections phonetically. Two very different shows. One makes a bit more sense than the other.

Interplanetary Music
1. Burundi Black – Burundi Black (Rusty Egan First Remix)
2. Discodeine – Falkenberg (Pilooski Edit)
3. Massara – Margherita
4. Mickey Moonlight – Interplanetary Music (Riton Remix)
5. I/0 (Black Dog Productions) – The Clan
6. Sandoz – Armed Response
7. Bab Lee – Tropical Mix (Sous Les Cocotiers)
8. The Lift Boys – Liftvooyzzzz
9. Idjut Boys & Laj – Whoktish

Total Drop
1. Abba – The Visitors
2. The Damned – Grimle Fiendish
3. Laser Boy – It’s Your Train
4. The Red Crayola – Transparent Radiation
5. Ici La Bas (The Homosexuals) – Total Drop
6. L Voag – Kitchen
7. Slapp Happy with Henry Cow – A Worm is at Work
8. Henry Cow with Slapp Happy and Robert Wyatt – Bad Alchemy/Little Red Riding Hood Hits the Road
9. The Work – Houdini
10. The Ex & Tom Cora with Catherine Janioux – Propadada
11. Bilders – Alligator Song
12. Alastair Galbraith – Hawks
13. John K. – New Addition
14. Social Climbers – Palm Springs
15. Skeleton Crew – Second Rate
16. Squeeze – Is That Love


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It’s been a little over a month since the release of Acute’s latest, Music for Neighbors by The Trypes, and there’s been a great reception. I wanted to share some of the press it’s gotten but first would like to let you know about a special and exciting show taking place next week.

The Trypes will be playing their second ever show since their original run in the 80s. If that wasn’t special enough, they will be joined by Yung Wu, another of the great Feelies sister bands, as well as their friends The Thousand Pities. And if THAT wasn’t special enough, the show is taking place at an Elks Lodge in South Orange New Jersey and is a “Rent Party” to raise money for local food charities in the South Orange/Maplewood area. The show is Friday night, June 8th at 8pm at South Orange Elks, 220 Prospect Street, South Orange, NJ. Minimum donation of 5$, facebook event page here.

I can’t imagine a better experience than getting to see these bands play at such a unique venue, away from NYC. And one of my favorite things about The Trypes, Yung Wu and the Feelies is that beyond being amazing bands, they are proud and great cover bands of the first order. Especially Yung Wu, who’s originals are totally fantastic of course, but it’s always fun to hear what they’re going to cover. From classic renditions of Neil Young, to surprises like Into the Valley by The Skids…you never know what these bands will cover (but you can always guess a few!). And while the Feelies may be the best known band and aren’t playing, almost all their members are involved in Yung Wu and the Trypes, so this is a great way to get the full picture.

For a sneak peak, check out this video footage of the first Trypes show since the 80s, opening up for one of Yo La Tengo’s famous Hanukkah nights at Maxwells.


And what a great reception the Trypes have been getting! Thanks to everyone who’s written about the release, here’s just a few.

Most recently, some kind words from Pete at Flowering Toilet, who deserves credit for writing about The Explorer’s Hold a few years ago.

Over in the UK, the webstore Boomkat, a great resource to pick up The Trypes as lossless files, wrote a great review on the release page. They end the review by writing “We just can’t enough of it, frankly; overnight The Trypes have become one of our favourite bands and we’d recommend them to fans of Young Marble Giants, Talking Heads, Felt, The Wake and other practitioners of the finest 80s art-pop.” It’s always appreciated when retailers take the extra step to actually listen to and review what they’re selling, especially when they speak so highly of something!

Likewise, our good old friend (and new father) Doug Mosurock covered the release for Other Music’s digital store.

Another retailer from the other side of pond, Norman Records, gave a 5 star review that had to use the lord’s name in vain in it’s excitement.

And there were nice words written by people not trying to sell you anything as well.

The essential blog Doom and Gloom from the Tomb wrote “…easily one of the best, most necessary reissues of 2012”

The Trypes were included in the Agit Readers excellent series or reissue reviews, Past Perfect. Though I do disagree about the worth of Bruce Springsteen!

Prefix gave it an 8.0!

Pitchfork gave it a 7.5. Which must be why I like Prefix .5 better.

Dusted went deep and included a link to one of the unreleased tracks on their review.

FACT listed it as one of the 10 most important reissues of that particular month. May not seem like a huge deal, how many reissues are there a month? Well there’s a lot! And they’re in good company with Talk Talk, Cleaners From Venus, David Kilgour, General Strike and others.

So that’s just a taste of the response. Some good links to check out if you want to hear some other mostly unanimous opinions about the releases greatness.



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Trypes review round-up and further information shortly, gotten some great love. In the meantime, another Viva show airing Tuesday at 1pm but already in the archives (like some kind of time tourist). This one couldn’t be further from the Trypes…mostly electronic stuff, some dancey some housey, some IDM-y, some new wavey some UK-y, and a bit of a tribute to the recent Suzanne Ciani compilation.

1. Suzanne Ciani – ‘Discover Magazine’ TV Spot
2. British Electric Foundation – Optimum Chant
3. B12 – Preminition
4. Suzanne Ciani – Atari Corporate Tag
5. Autechre – Lowride
6. Fearless Four – Just Rock
7. Metro Area – Honey Circuit
8. 808 State – Disco State
9. Suzanne Ciani – Almay ‘Eclipse’ TV Spot
10. Jamie Principle – Waiting On My Angel (Bob Heckermann mix)
11. Lime – Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight
12. Suzanne Ciani – ‘Clean Room’ TV Spot
13. Premiere Class – Poupee Flash
14. Stasis – Funky Purple Hot Pants


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Pleased to announce the release of number 15 of Acute’s series of reissues/issues with Music For Neighbors by The Trypes.

The full release page is HERE. It contains promotional verbiage, vintage photos, ordering information (also below!) and links to a few sample songs–2 from the LP, one that’s included with the digital download, and two completely unheard exclusive downloads only available here. To save you the trouble, I’ll post them here as well.

Free sample tracks for previewing and sharing. Control/right-click names to download individual songs.

From the LP:

(From the) Morning Glories
[audio: The Trypes-From the Morning Glories.mp3]

Belmont Girl is Mad at Me
[audio: The Trypes-Belmont Girl is Mad at Me.mp3]

From the bonus downloads:

Hard Friend to Keep
[audio: The Trypes-Hard Friend to Keep.mp3]

Not available anywhere else!:

Blue Jay Way
[audio: The Trypes-Blue Jay Way.mp3]

People Unintentional Soft Tomorrow Hospital
[audio: The Trypes-People Unintentional Soft Tomorrow Hospital.mp3]

Vinyl (temporarily) out, check back soon or visit other fine retailers!

iTunes all territories:The Trypes
Lossless files available from Boomkat next week.

The LP is lovingly packaged in a hand letterpress printed chipboard sleeve with a composite photo of the bandmembers attached to the front with homey photo corners. The LP and digital downloads also come with a deluxe booklet with photos and liner notes from Trypes John, Marc and Glenn as well as their first fan, Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan. There may also be a live show or two…something that’s only happened once when they played at Yo La Tengo’s Hanukah fundraiser this past December. Keep your eyes peeled here, and check out the Speed the Plough site for more updates and news.


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I know everyone is waiting for more information about the forthcoming Trypes release and I promise we’ll have that soon (out April 24th!). In the meantime I’ve put up ANOTHER Viva Radio show, hot on the heels of the last one. When was the last time I had two new episodes back to back? WHEN!??!? Never mind that. I felt like my shows have included too much bleak post-punk music and not enough melancholy oldies, so I’ve got a little of both in this show, among some other hits and total jams. This is one of those shows where the style shifts and goes places you might not have dared imagine. Or, if you’ve been paying attention, is totally predictable. Either way, not a bad way to kill an hour. This airs at 1pm on Viva Radio and after will cycle in and out of the archives of my show, Pyjamarama. Enjoy.

Don’t Make Promises
1. Jimmie Rodgers – It’s Over
2. Roy Orbison – It’s Over
3. Glen Campbell – Guess I’m Dumb
4. Phil Ochs – Cross My Heart
5. Tim Hardin – Don’t Make Promises
6. Bob Bannister – In Christ There is No East Or
7. Jackson C. Frank – Marcy’s Song (She’s Just a Picture)
8. Tindersticks – My Sister
9. John Cale – Buffalo Ballet
10. Pin Group – Long Night
11. Joy Division – From Safety to Where…?
12. The Walker Brothers – The Electrician
13. The Main Ingredient – Magic Shoes
14. Schiller Street Gang – Remind Me
15. David Axelrod – The Sign (Part 1)
16. Scott Walker – Such a Small Love


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How about I post another Pyjamarama show to Viva Radio? I like this one. Then again I like them all. That’s because I pick all the music. And it’s been said I have the best taste in music in New York City, maybe even the world. This one has a surprisingly relatively large proportion of “new” music, over half! There’s a definite post-punk vibe with a bit of a minimal synth/industrial thing going on, but when isn’t there? I’ll stretch out on the next one. This one should go up today (Tuesday April 3rd) at at 1pm on Viva Radio and be in the Pyjamarama archives occasionally after that.

1. Total Control – The Hammer
2. Horrid Red – Suicide Daydream
3. Fra Lippo Lippi – Quiet
4. Jee Day – Lowhand
5. Django Django – Waveforms
6. Kevin Hewick and the Sound – Plenty
7. Horrid Red – Motionless
8. Cabaret Voltaire – Messages Received
9. Absolute Body Control – Figures
10. Son of Sam – Nature Makes a Mistake
11. Black Marble – On My Head
12. Tuxedomoon – No Tears
13. Rene Hell – Red
14. FWY! – The 405
15. Roxy Music – Over You
16. Total Control – Sunday Baker

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