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I’ve got two new¬†Viva shows…one ran last week or something, the other maybe today, maybe next week, I don’t know. Just keep checking the archives and tuning in every tuesday. I’ll have a follow-up post soon with some reissue recaps and news about next weeks Ike Yard/Xeno and Oaklander/Led-Er-Est show that I’m DJing. In the meantime, here’s the latest playlists, which you can, or maybe can’t, listen to. In any case, you can still appreciate the selections phonetically. Two very different shows. One makes a bit more sense than the other.

Interplanetary Music
1. Burundi Black – Burundi Black (Rusty Egan First Remix)
2. Discodeine – Falkenberg (Pilooski Edit)
3. Massara – Margherita
4. Mickey Moonlight – Interplanetary Music (Riton Remix)
5. I/0 (Black Dog Productions) – The Clan
6. Sandoz – Armed Response
7. Bab Lee – Tropical Mix (Sous Les Cocotiers)
8. The Lift Boys – Liftvooyzzzz
9. Idjut Boys & Laj – Whoktish

Total Drop
1. Abba – The Visitors
2. The Damned – Grimle Fiendish
3. Laser Boy – It’s Your Train
4. The Red Crayola – Transparent Radiation
5. Ici La Bas (The Homosexuals) – Total Drop
6. L Voag – Kitchen
7. Slapp Happy with Henry Cow – A Worm is at Work
8. Henry Cow with Slapp Happy and Robert Wyatt – Bad Alchemy/Little Red Riding Hood Hits the Road
9. The Work – Houdini
10. The Ex & Tom Cora with Catherine Janioux – Propadada
11. Bilders – Alligator Song
12. Alastair Galbraith – Hawks
13. John K. – New Addition
14. Social Climbers – Palm Springs
15. Skeleton Crew – Second Rate
16. Squeeze – Is That Love


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