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Ike Yard
1980-82 Collected

Sold out and out of print

Influenced by their punk upbringing, avant-garde schooling, and no wave surroundings in early 80s NYC, Ike Yard managed to create a new sound. By tapping into equal parts the krautrock experimentation of Can, the Neue Deutsche Welle of DAF and the UK post-punk dub of PiL and Joy Division they created sounds and songs unique enough to catch the attention of Factory Records, who made them their first American signing.

But what really set Ike Yard apart were their cutting edge techniques. The mixing board and effects processors were as important as the bass, synth or occasional guitar, giving Ike Yard an aggressive and propulsive sound, where drum machines beat against the sound of scrap metal and angular guitar slashes darted through arpeggiated synth patterns.

Acute Records release of “1980-82-Collect” collects, for the first time, Ike Yard’s two releases (their Factory LP and an EP for Les Disques du Crepuscule) plus several previously unreleased tracks.

‘Ike Yard may be the most innovative band you hear this year, although their only album was recorded over 20 years ago’
San Francisco Bay Guardian

‘Ike Yard, whose baleful , relentlessly chittering tunes at their best sounding like some dream merger of DAF and PIL’
Simon Reynolds, Rip It Up And Start Again. Discog 2

‘Ike Yard just might be the darkest and most experimental music Factory ever laid their hands on. Yes they had the cold metallic radiance of Joy Division and A Certain Ratio but their coming from a different place. New York City, to be exact’
Tiny Mix Tapes

‘The 1982 Factory Album features numerous cuts with deep head nodding grooves evoking rainy nights in a NY during an era when it was actually dangerous to go outside onto the streets’
Downtown Music Gallery

’20 years ahead of their time’

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Ike Yard – Agua (Diablo)


Unreleased. Recorded at Gotham Studios, NYC. January 1982.
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Ike Yard – Night After Night


From the Les Disques Du Crepuscule EP release, Night After Night. Originally released in 1981, available on the Acute 1980-82 Collected CD.
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Ike Yard – NCR


From Ike Yard’s LP on Factory America. Originally released in 1982, available on the Acute 1980-82 Collected CD.
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Ike Yard – Soyuz


Unreleased. Recorded live at CBGBs on December 6, 1981. Also on the bill were the Del Byzanteens.
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