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Trypes review round-up and further information shortly, gotten some great love. In the meantime, another Viva show airing Tuesday at 1pm but already in the archives (like some kind of time tourist). This one couldn’t be further from the Trypes…mostly electronic stuff, some dancey some housey, some IDM-y, some new wavey some UK-y, and a bit of a tribute to the recent Suzanne Ciani compilation.

1. Suzanne Ciani – ‘Discover Magazine’ TV Spot
2. British Electric Foundation – Optimum Chant
3. B12 – Preminition
4. Suzanne Ciani – Atari Corporate Tag
5. Autechre – Lowride
6. Fearless Four – Just Rock
7. Metro Area – Honey Circuit
8. 808 State – Disco State
9. Suzanne Ciani – Almay ‘Eclipse’ TV Spot
10. Jamie Principle – Waiting On My Angel (Bob Heckermann mix)
11. Lime – Babe We’re Gonna Love Tonight
12. Suzanne Ciani – ‘Clean Room’ TV Spot
13. Premiere Class – Poupee Flash
14. Stasis – Funky Purple Hot Pants


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