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Sad to say that the vinyl edition of The Trypes Music For Neighbors is now sold out, but glad to share the news that there’s another way to hear The Trypes on vinyl. You may recall that the vinyl came with an additional download of 7 more otherwise unreleased songs, primarily from rehearsal recordings that took place at the legendary Hoboken club Maxwell’s in the mid 80s. Well The Trypes were invited to contribute a song to the latest issue of Yeti magazine, their second issue featuring an attached 7″ EP. Rather than be redundant with the Acute vinyl release, the band chose one of the digital bonus songs, Our Obsessions.

If that wasn’t enough, the other three recordings on this record are from The Great Unwashed, Moon Duo and Karen Dalton (singing Fred Neil). The whole magazine is anĀ embarrassmentĀ of riches, and it’s tough to actually call it a magazine as it’s a nearly 200 pg perfect bound full color book. A far cry from the old black and white zine days. Filled to the brim with art, comics, photography, essays, interviews etc, including musical highlights like a collection of vintage New Zealand concert posters and an oral history of Codeine. Pick up your copy here, cheap at any cost!

For more information on the Acute release, free downloads and information on purchasing the digital edition, see here.

In other news, sorry for the radio silence. Quietly and slowly working on some new (old) releases. If you really miss hearing from me, you can check out my tumblr, Danecdotes, with plenty of Acute-friendly material. I’ll be back soon with some more Viva playlists and to tell you about how fantastic Vic Varney from the Method Actors recent material is. Until then, that copy of Yeti should help you bide your time.




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