Old Music,Radio — Dan on November 26, 2012 at 11:17 pm

I’ve got a new Viva show. Airing tuesday at 1pm. If you miss it, or I’m wrong about when it’s airing, it will be in the archives. That’s how I started my last post about my last Viva show, which also started with Pye Corner Audio. Sorry I’ve been slacking on this blog and on Viva, a lot going on these days. Have some ideas for some blog posts that I just haven’t gotten around to. Some Acute releases. Other news. But for now, some sounds.

Tomorrow is Already Here
1. Pye Corner Audio – Sleep Games
2. Beak> – Said It All
3. Stereolab – Tomorrow is Already Here
4. Sam Willis – Weird Science
5. Broadcast – Sixty Forty
6. Pink Industry – Don’t Let Go
7. Tropic of Cancer – Be Brave (Richard H. Kirk Mix)
8. Gist – Clean Bridges
9. Walter Jones – Made in Holland
10. Some Bizarre – Don’t Be Affraid
11. Forma – FORMA339/333
12. Grimes – Oblivian
13. Luke Abbott – 2nd 5th Heavy


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