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Dazzle Ships, the record listening party hosted by Tropical Jeremy and myself is celebrating it’s 3 year anniversary this Wednesday, February 4th. It will also be our last Dazzle Ships for a while. It’s been a fun run but we’re going to take a break, possibly bringing it back on special occasions or when special guests are in town. For three years, Jeremy and I have played some of the least-likely bar music, some of the hippest and weirdest stuff, some of the deepest and most shockingly obvious, and obviously wonderful, music, anywhere on this earth. We’ve hosted an incredible line-up of guest DJs, and they are all invited to join us on this somewhat final voyage by bringing down a few pieces of select vinyl and elbowing their way behind the turntables. Some of our past DJ guests have included Bumrocks, Lovefingers, Beppe Loda, Jason Convict, Morgan Geist, Sharegroove, Robots in Heat, Lee Douglas, Ike Yard, Tim Sweeney, Duane Harriott, Professor Genius, Speculator, Dead Heat, Relaxer, The Galkin Brothers, Excepter, Ron Morelli, Ray Velasquez, Voodoo Funk, Hatchback, Joshua Gabrial, Armando, Tako, Loud-E, Matthew Urbain, A Certain Ryan and so many others. Will they all show up this wednesday? No, probably not. But one or two will and we hope you can stop by as we give this ship a much needed rest.

Dazzle Ships will take place Wed February 4th at Heathers, 513 e. 13th st at Ave A in Manhattan, from around 9pm till 1 or 2 or so. Hope to see you there.


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