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Lots going on. Going to LA tomorrow. Saturday night is the Adult./Pop Noir show at the Echo followed by a Hang the DJs dance party, who are kind enough to let me DJ a set. I will play dance music, for the dance party. Then sunday is the all-day Part-Time Punks festival I talked about here. I’m really excited for this.

Last friday I caught the Nightingales play at Asterisk Gallery in Bushwick with Imaginary Icons (who were great). I have to admit I was a bit worried because the last few times they came over they had teen guitar sensation Matt Wood playing with the, who was, as his name says, truly a guitar sensation. He’s been replaced by Christy Edwards of Christy and Emily and about a thousand other bands. Her sound is different than Matt’s, but what the band loses in skronk they make up in punk energy. They are also joined by a bass player they picked up while recording at Faust’s studio in Germany. And of course, the amazing Darren Garratt ex of Pram and original Prefects guitarist Alan Apperly round out the line-up, backing up the one and only Robert Lloyd. They played for like 5 hours, they covered the Troggs, they rarely stopped between songs, and seriously, for the last 3 times I’ve seen them, they’ve consistently been the best live band I’ve seen in years.

The Nightingales alone are worth the cover fee for the Part-Time Punks fest. Getting to see A Certain Ratio, Pylon, The Urinals, The Wild Stares, Nervous Gender etc just sweetens the deal!

So come say hello. I’ll have a limited amount of Acute CDs to sell, including our latest, Flood Bank by the Lines, which is continuing to get great reviews. See you in LA. Buy me a taco. Here’s hoping my trip doesn’t end up like Woody Allen’s in Annie Hall.


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