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New Pyjamarama show FAULTS should be airing at 1pm on Tuesday and will be able to be streamed after that. I’m really into this one, it’s got a real strong atmosphere and a certain sonic sensibility holding together a few different styles/genres/whatever. I’m especially happy however because the ratio of NEW music to old music is the highest it’s been in some time. I think there’s actually only 2 songs that are more then a year old, and most are from within the last few months. Hell, two of them haven’t even been released yet! Daylong Valleys of the Nile, a new band featuring Jeff Rosenberg from Pink and Brown, Young People and Lavender Diamond, Steve Gregoropoulos from the legendary Wild Stares and Lavender Diamond, Jeff Kwong of Bedroom Walls and Lavender Diamond and Ron Rege of, you guessed it, Lavender Diamond (and comic book fame), Recorded by Justin Burrill of Wild Stares and Propeller Records fame. The other yet to be released gem is from my favorite local band, Regal Degal, though that doesn’t do them justice. I mean, I can say they’re my favorite local band because they’re from New York, but if they were from LA, or if I lived in Seattle, I’d say they’re my favorite American band. Maybe if I lived in Barcelona and they were from Montevideo I’d say they’re my favorite band on earth. I have trouble describing them, which I suppose is a good thing. Krautrock informed post-punk. Epic minimal art-rock. Good stuff. Here’s the playlist.

1. Nosaj Thing-Fog
2. XX-Crystalized
3. Seefeel-Faults
4. Richard Youngs-Collapsing Stars
5. Violens-Are You Still in the Illusion?
6. Abe Vigoda-Repeating Angel
7. K-X-P-18 Hours (Of Love)
8. Daylong Valleys of the Nile-Gossamer Station
9. Regal Degal-Country Song
10. Happy Mondays-Country Song
11. The Durutti Column-The Together Mix
12. Innergaze-La La La
13. Belbury Poly-A Great Day Out
14. Broadcast & The Focus Group-Inside Out


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