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Hello. Will have some actual Acute news soon (2nd Lines CD! Upcoming vinyl releases!) but have to mention some events. Our annual Halloween party will get the push in a few days, but first I have to spread the word about this last minute event. It’s the NYC release party for Morgan Geist’s new solo CD, Double Night Time, out now. The album is a subtle and sublime distillation of Detroit Techno and electronic pop influence, aimed less at the dancefloor and more at those late night drives through city streets. I’ll be joining Morgan, his Metro Area partner Darshan Jesrani, and Warp Record’s Jimmy Edgar. Not being a world-famous producer of electronic music like the aforementioned stars, I’ve got the opening spot, so show up early when the music will be extra good and the crowd relaxingly sparse, you’ll have room to dance and breathe, you know?

So in case you can’t see the above flyer:

Morgan Geist/Double Night Time release party
Wednesday October 15th, 2008
Santos Party House
100 Lafayette St. NYC

I suppose now’s also a good time for a quick re-cap of my last visit to Santos. After Wild Combination premiered, the downstairs of Santos filled up really quick. Steve from Audika brought a mix of music, ranging from some obscure and even unreleased Arthur Russell material to music from Arthur’s personal collection. We got to hear some Arthur faves like Terry Riley, Abba and Fleetwood Mac, as well as the version of Talking Head’s Psycho Killer that Arthur played cello on. Then the live show started, early because everyone was afraid the band would be drowned out by Black Dice who were performing upstairs. Jens Lekmann was joined by some of Arthur’s old friends and collaborators, Ernie Brooks, Steve Hall and Peter Zummo. Despite the usual loud crowd, it was quite touching and beautiful. After that, I got to play a solid 40 minute set of nothing but Arthur Russell disco and people started dancing right away. At midnight, JD from Le Tigre took over and played a fun and eclectic set, then I DJ’d from 2 till 4 and had a totally great time. I don’t know what DJing upstairs will be like this wednesday, but downstairs is a great room, great size, amazing sound. Hope I get the chance to play there again.


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