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Acute Records needs help…looking for a web-savvy intern. Somebody who can fix/update/help with the website. Anything from much-needed advice to some html and wordpress help.  In exchange you get free CDs, access to my large music-filled hard-drive, guest list spots to many 3rd tier parties and shows, my grandmother’s brownies, college credit, a college degree, pre-press and print-production help or training, the chance to meet the Village Voice’s “Best DJ’s DJ” (circa 2004) and other “perks”. Preferably somebody in the greater NYC metro area, but if not would be down with a telecommuting intern. If interested, please email a resume and/or some links to dan at, also list 5 of your favorite bands and tell me what your favorite soft-drink is. Please forward this to anybody you think may be interested, like that computer programming whiz who just loves the No Wave and the Italo Disco, or just somebody who’s made some websites and wants to learn more about cool musics…thanks.


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