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That’s right…we’re getting the “band” back together. Ye olde DJ duo, Crazy Rhythms, featuring Mike Simonetti of Troubleman Unlimited and Italians Do It Better and myself, of Acute Records, Dazzle Ships and this blog, is back for the first time in many years, to play a classic williamsburg loft party. Just like the good old days of 2003 or so. We go on after 2 crazy bands. Quick details:

DATE: Saturday june 21st

TIME: Doors 9pm- music, 10 really!

LOCATION: 210 kent ave @corner of Metropolitan

This saturday, Secret Project Robot and Live with Animals present a classic old-school Williamsburg underground loft party. Back in the day, Secret Project Robot was Mighty Robot, and along with the Twisted Ones, threw some of the most classic and insane parties Brooklyn had to offer. A few bands, like Oneida, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Gossip, Metal Urbain, Sightings, Midnight O’Connor, Rah Bras, Liars etc, lots of psychedelic and fantastic projections, and afterwords a bit of DJing, sometimes going all night.

One day Fitz from the Twisted Ones said, in his sexy Irish brogue, “Dan, I think you should DJ with Mike from Troubleman”. I said “Troubleman? The punk label? What does he play?” “He plays house music.” “Bullshit” I said. Great, another punk rocker thinking he knows something about dance music. A few months after that I went to Luxx where Mike was DJing. He was playing Set it Off by the Harlequin 4s and ESG, and he was mixing, and even scratching. I was impressed so I told Fitz I was down.

At that time Hollertronix was blowing up so I figured some branding was in order. Both being from New Jersey, I figured Crazy Rhythms would be a good name for us. It was a record store in Montclair we had both gone to during our early years, and it was a great Feelies record. I figured we could be like a small New York version of Optimo. We started DJing together playing a totally awesome mix of disco, italo, old-school hip-hop, post-punk, new wave, house and techno, the Doors and whatever else we felt like. We played on Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space show on WNYU, we played on WFMU, we played a few Motherfucker parties, including a classic in the basement of Centro-Fly. We played Philly’s Making Time party, the Happy Birthday Hideout and of course Mighty Robot.

In 2005 we recorded a mix CD for RVNG, following up an awesome Tim Sweeney mix and preceeding an awesome Justine D. mix. You can read about it here.

The CD sold out and got international acclaim. You’d think things were going well. But trouble was brewing. Back in NYC, people weren’t dancing enough. The beardo disco edit revolution hadn’t started yet, even Rub-n-Tug and Metro Area were playing occasional empty rooms. Brooklyn lofts were getting busted and playing upstairs at Happy Endings on a tuesday night to an empty room just wasn’t cutting it. We got sick of DJing and sick of each other and went our separate ways.

In the many years since, a lot has changed. Disco blew up again and it started to become cool to dance to house music in greenpoint, Mike was busy, starting the Italians Do It Better label with Johnny from Glass Clandy and releasing the most hyped dance records of the last few years. He quickly became a sought after international DJ star. I was busy as well. I moved to Queens and got a DVR and started a tour of all the ethnic restaurants in my new borough.

Anyway, now we’re back. The folk from Mighty Robot moved their space to Monster Island and are now Secret Project Robot Art Space, and decided to have an old-fashioned williamsburg crazy music and Crazy Rhythms DJ night. Two cool bands and we go on later. Here’s the info, hope you can make it.


In the Forrest of Monster Island…
A Live With Animals and Secret Project Robot Summer Art Party DJ Dance Party happyfun time.

We hope you can make it- This is going to be so fun.

Services + Melted Men

Crazy Rhythms Dj Set
Mike Simonetti (Italians Do It Better, Troubleman)
Dan Selzer (Acute Records, Dazzle Ships)

DATE: Saturday june 21st

TIME: Doors 9pm- music10 really!

LOCATION: 210 kent ave @corner of Metropolitan


All night synthesized combative electronic noise disco

Melted Men
Intense Circus, noise, transforming abstractions of performance art

Mike Simonetti
Italians Do It Better

Dan Selzer

Also be sure to check out the show at glasslands hosted by Vashti from live with animals and Jonathon from NYNT visitors to both parties will get a discount on the door at this show

Secret Project Robot Art Space
210 kent ave
brooklyn, New York 11211

(please don’t get our spaces shut down don’t bring your own drinks and then drink them outside and get a ticket for yourself and our building) please please. xoxo secret project robot


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