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So Memory Span has been out for a total of 2 weeks now and response has been fantastic. We’re selling millions and the press has been great. The Lines have also seen a great increase in the number of MySpace friend requests, which is the true test of a band’s popularity these days.

Anyway, just wanted to take this chance to say thanks and point interested people to some of the online activity, starting with this extensive interview/feature by our friend Rick from the We Fought the Big One night in DC. It’s over at, definitely check it out.

Here’s a few other highlights, if you’re still thinking of buying the CD and don’t trust my judgement alone.

Kris Needs 4 star review in Record Collector.

8/10, staff pick in XLR8R.

Eye Weekly.

8 rating from Prefix Mag.

8 and interview at PaperThinWalls.

Post at Last Days of Man on Earth blog.

Review at Brainwashed.

I don’t have a link but there’s also a great 4 star review by Jon Savage in the July issue of Mojo, featuring the Sex Pistols on the cover. If that wasn’t enough, that issue features a CD of vintage 77 punk including a song from our Prefects CD. World domination, here we come!


  1. Checked out the interview! Great forward! Really! It lifted me from a normal day’s eating glass and urinal cakes! Yay ACUTE!

    love and agree with this list so much it is sick and coincidental. I feel like our preferences were cooked from the same batter. So great..

    Anyways, I thought of “Acute Records” recently when i saw these guys in philly:

    They were drunker than hell but making really interesting music. Making quite a buzz out there, but elusive as hell with press. I’m irreversibly converted, now. Think 90’s – Soft Bulletin, Palace Brothers, etc. , “A Pre Vampire Weekend” heaven. Really cool stuff.

    I’m usually one of those secret readers, but I can’t shut up about this. I was wondering if you know anything about them. You usually have a good grip on obscure avant-garde folk/country happenings. Well this is the truth. These guys will make the album of this decade.

    The main thing, though, is these are the guys who supposedly Howie Day or the Dashboard confessional guy had to get a restraining order on because they were harassing, prank calling, and heckling him like non-stop as a joke. Goofy geniuses, I guess.

    So, basically, I’m in.

    Comment by hardgoldenarms — June 11, 2008 @ 2:33 am
  2. thanks for the link. Can’t imagine why those guys would make you think of Acute Records, though. You probably post that link to all the blogs.

    Comment by Dan — June 11, 2008 @ 6:05 pm

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