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No, not USA Up All Night…DJing friday night at Market Hotel, one of Brooklyn’s finest underground venues. Known primarily as a DIY spot for toddp style shows, recently they’ve been doing more dance parties…from good low-key affairs to packed all-night craziness. I’ll be joining my old Alldisco/Dazzle Ships partner, Tropical Jeremy and celebrating a return visit from one of our favorite old Alldisco guests, Jonny Sender. Jonny was a member of the classic no wave funk band, Konk in the early/mid 80s. After that he spent many years as a DJ at some of New York’s hottest spots, playing disco, hip-hop, latin etc. He moved to Europe a year or so ago but he’s back in town for a bit so this is a rare chance to hear him. Last I heard him DJ, he played all kinds of classic disco. I’ll play disco, new wave, house, italo etc. Who knows what on earth Jeremy will play.

Body Actualized Control presents
Friday Night Flight
Market Hotel
1142 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn
EDIT: $6!

Here’s a crazy short clip of a small version of Konk playing on Andy Warhol’s 15 Minutes TV show on MTV.

And why not check out this promo for an old-school episode of Night Flight when they first showed the Devo movie and clips from New Wave Theater…


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