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Just a quick Viva-Radio Pyjamarama show catch-up before I start getting serious with some actual Acute Records-related post. That’s right, we have NEWS. But I have to catch up with Viva. I’ve started a series of shows where all the songs have a certain word in the title. Brilliant framing device or lazy novelty? You be the judge. But before I talk about those, I had two more shows since the last one. These will sometimes appear in the Pyjamarama archives…or go out and buy all these records and re-create the playlists at home. What are you lazy?

1. Marc Riley and the Creepers – Favourite Sister
2. Art Yard – The Law
3. Bobby Henry – Next Move
4. Gambit of Shame – She Lawn
5. S Squad – Scene of the Crime
6. The Go-Betweens – Slow Slow Music
7. Artery – Pretends
8. The Decorators – Pendulum & Swinge
9. Cleaners From Venus – Time In Vain
10. 48 Chairs – Psycle Sluts
11. Digital Dance – Human Zoo
12. Clock DVA – Piano Pain
13. The Passions – Strange Affair
14. Ludus – My Cherry is in Sherry
15. Jacket Weather – A Busy Morning
16. The Neats – Red and Grey
17. The Plugz – El Calvo Y La Cruz
18. The Student Teachers – Channel 13
19. The Method Actors – Halloween   <–is that a hint?

1.  The Millennium – Prelude
2. The Millenium – To Claudia on Thursday
3. Jan & Lorraine – Break Out the Wine
4. The Buckinhams – I Love All The Girls
5. The Left Banke – Ivy Ivy
6. David Bowie – Love You Till Tuesday
7. Herman’s Hermits – No Milk Today
8. Harry Nilsson – There Will Never Be
9. Colin Blunstone – I Can’t Live Without You
10. Colin Blunstone – Mary Won’t You Warm My Bed
11. Jackie Wilson – I Get the Sweetest Feeling
12. Scott Walker – Get Behind Me
13. Gene Clark – From a Silver Phial
14. Jackson C. Frank – Prima Donna of Swans
15. Phil Ochs – My Life
16. Del Shannon – Runaway
17. Del Shannon – Cut and Come Again
18. Tim Buckley – Carnival Song
19. Herb Albert – This Guy’s in Love With You

What, you want descriptions of each song with a picture of the record sleeve? Do I have to do everything? Too busy for that tonight. Coming up on this here Acute blog: a new CD, a bunch of records, a live show from one of a band who appeared on this very label, a facebook fan page and more news…


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