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Got some emails from Stuart of Ike Yard with some news to tide you over till my California trip post. Speaking of which, I end up at a trendy restaraunt in Silverlake LA called “The Kitchen” and who should sit down at the table behind me but Kenneth Compton of Ike Yard. What are the chances of that? Anyway…

Dystopians Replicants Night at Monkeytown, Williamsburg
Saturday, September 8
Admission: $10, $10 minimum
Showtimes: 8 and 10:30pm
reservations are recommended

Blade Runner Live soundtrack & Remix. Remixed dialogue. New music. Neofolktales by Sean Young, the voice of Rachel Replicants night ends with a short set by Dystopians group.

Stuart Argabright and Bones launch Dystopians live with alot of help from our friends …

Bones (from black rain . Disassociate) Bass and vocals
Paul Geluso CoProducer Mix , DJ fx
Pete Jones (from Commercial Zone period PIL) Guitar samples
Stuart (from Dominatrix . Ike Yard . black rain) Synths , vocals & double drum programming

Joining forces to bring you new versions of the near future classic
and new strains of musik and song in a short set after the movie.

File under future forward thrash barbarism and anti –

On the Ike Yard front, Stuart says they’re going back to the studio finishing up a whole batch of new songs, have a talk and performance at Vassar Nov. 7th, a show TBA with Excepter.

And if that wasn’t enough, a new Death Comet Crew 7″.

For more info check out Stuart’s blog.


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