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We here at Acute are very proud to announce the release of our latest CD, Hungry Beat by the Fire Engines. Hungry Beat contains all of the Fire Engines studio recordings, culled from their first self-released single, and 2 singles and a mini-LP on the Pop Aural label. I’m not going to bother going into a whole history of this band, how they were the UKs answer to No Wave, how they played with Orange Juice and Josef K and were basically one of the coolest bands of the post-punk era, or any era. There are plenty of resources online, including the Hungry Beat release page on the Acute site, which includes samples, some press, photos and some great sleeves and flier artwork. I figure I’d take this chance to just share some music, like the amazing song:

Meat Whiplash
control-click to download

and talk about how this release came about, this blog is more like LiveJournal than it is Mojo, right? My Fire Engines story…

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