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The Method Actors, photo by Curtis Knapp

2 posts in 2 days…what is this, Twitter? I had this information yesterday, I just wanted to compartmentalize. Figured it was time to give some updates about what is going on in Acute land. First, I’d like to formally announce our next release, This Is Still It by the Method Actors. One of the original Athens, GA bands from the scene that gave us Pylon, B-52s, REM, Love Tractor and others, the Method Actors started as the duo of Vic Varney and David Gamble, and with this basic line-up they rocked riveting, angsty, angular, funky, raw and explosive rock and roll. Beefheart meets Television guitar, propulsive drums, ecstatic singing and a sound that ranges from and jangly and aggressive post-punk rock to a deconstructed and deep funk to more expansive and experimental structures. This CD compilation will focus on the earlier years of the band before they expanded their line-up, featuring selections from their first several singles and the original double-LP UK version of their first LP, the critically acclaimed Little Figures. Trying to figure out how to describe them makes me realize how much they have in common with some other Acute releases, particularly aspects of The Fire Engines and The Lines, but in a particularly American manner. We’re shooting for a very early 2010 release and will have some updates prior to then, including some free downloads and more info.

After the Method Actors, we are not going to wait another year for another release. No, we’re already working on a few follow-up projects, all of which will be limited edition vinyl and digital download only releases. That’s right, we’re mostly abandoning the Compact Disc. If we line up certain dream projects that we think could raise the interest of the types of fans who still buy CDs, we will consider it, but some of the upcoming projects we have are soooo obscure and have such a niche interest, that the only people who will probably get excited about them are the kinds of fans who are collecting vinyl these days, and things seem to be trending in that direction, or haven’t you read any “death of the CD, rebirth of vinyl” articles lately? For those of you without the record players, the music will still be available from all your favorite download sites, and people who purchase the vinyl will get a coupon to get the downloads as well. No more ripping vinyl for you! We’re super excited about finally putting out vinyl, and think people will really dig these releases, more information about that soon.

What else is new? Some Acute related acts are rocking out and busier than ever.

photo by Tony Cenicola

First we have exciting performances by The Glenn Branca Ensemble, performing music from the album in progress, “The Ascension: The Sequal”. The members of the group are, on guitars: Reg Bloor, Evelyne Buhler, Eric Hubel and Greg McMullen, on bass: Ryan Walsh, on drums: Libby Fab and conducting: Glenn Branca. They are playing PS1 on Sept 5th as part of the Summer WarmUP series (also playing is Coati Mundi! and TBD, Justin from !!! and Doug Lee’s new house music project), Le Poisson Rouge on Sept 11th and Issue Project Room on Oct 17th.

Finally, some news from Stuart from Ike Yard. They’ve got a new 10″ coming out soon to be mastered in the Basic Channel studio in Berlin, more news when that’s released on the Phisteria label. He’s also got some interesting events lined up for his new project Outpost, a collaboration with Mark C. from Live Skull. From Stuart:

Outpost presents a preview of JG Ballard tribute series Sept 5th between 9-12 on WFMU; Michael Goodstein’s “Choking On Cufflinks” radio show …

* Atrocity Exhibition Chapter 1 excerpts , read by David Silver ,sdtk by Outpost.
* Drowned World soundscape by Mark Fisher aka K- Punk
* Ice Planet & Serial Angels recorded live in Studio + interview , discussion after 10

to be followed by an expanded version @ Monkeytown Oct.24 …
All the above + All of  Atrocity Exhibition’s Chapter 1,
Time,Memory and Inner Space. Read by Judy Nylon + special video and music mix

More to follow : London’s Resonance FM , and 2010 – other venues in Europe tba

That’s it for now!


  1. The young Simon Cowell in back there, I think.

    Comment by Raw Patrick — August 31, 2009 @ 5:07 pm
  2. Dan,

    Any interest in stopping by the Jersey City Ballardian festivities on Saturday?


    Comment by Mike G. — September 2, 2009 @ 10:22 am
  3. would love to but am dj’ing a friend’s wedding!

    Comment by Dan — September 2, 2009 @ 2:49 pm
  4. Labor Day weekend weddings are so lame…


    Comment by Mike G. — September 2, 2009 @ 3:56 pm

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